When my home church wanted to migrate to Planning Center in 2018, there was no out of the box way to migrate giving history. So I built one!

Hi, I’m Evan!

My story is pretty basic. I generally tell people I’m not that interesting, I just like to build stuff!

I went to school to build software. After working for multiple private companies, I just got tired of going into work and fulfilling someone else’s dream. I worked at a consulting company that eventually turned into a staffing company, then a healthcare company, and then a shipping company! After 12+ months at each company, I was left with same empty feeling. So I did what any normal person would do; I took a massive pay cut and went to work at my home church in Louisville, KY! It was the decision that lead me to building the PCOMVP Import tool, and later GivFlow.

It was easily the most impactful decision of my life and put me on a path to waking up and working on the thing I’m passionate about and enjoy. If you use our tool, know that it was built with the passion to help churches like mine, and that we were in the same situation you are in now.

Take a look at the original landing page we launched in 2018! We started with allowing churches to import their migration history, but with continued support, we’ve been able to add notes, pledges, and checks for churches that use their banks remote deposit capture system!

Purchase a license key to get started.

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