Awesome! If you’re here, it means you’ve decided to trust us with importing your financial data. We promise you won’t regret it. However, here are the things we need from you:

  1. We need an exported CSV or excel file containing the following fields:
    1. At least 1 identification column; remote_id (if you didin’t use this during your people import, don’t worry about it), email, phone number.
    2. Contribution date (mm/dd/yyyy).
    3. Contribution Type  (e.g. ACH, credit card, check, cash, etc…).
    4. Fund name.
    5. Amount (any format typically works).
    6.  First name.
    7. Last name.
    8. optional Check number.
  2. Any new funds you want in Planning Center, you’ll need to create them yourself and tell me which old funds go to the new funds (e.g. “Tithe 2054” is now “General Fund”).
  3. Lastly, we need you to provide us with a personal access token that you can generate at the bottom of the planning center api access page.
We take care of everything else.
We’ll create a payment source so you know where the donations came from, prepare your data and get it in the proper format (some systems make this easier than others), ensure donor receipts are turned off for the imported history, and structure your batch group and batch imports so it will stay organized and be easy to reconcile later.
When you’re ready….
You can email your exported data, fund mappings, and personal access token to Typically, our average turnaround time is a couple of days assuming we don’t run into issues. Once we’re done, we’ll ask you to verify the import (totals, funds, people), and then we’ll commit it for you.