Version 2.0 Released!

Version 2.0 Released!

Today, we’re releasing version 2.0 of the PCO Giving Import Tool. Now, I know what you’re thinking….”Evan, the tool was so great to begin with why would there ever be a need for a 2.0?”. Look….we all know that isn’t true lol. Seriously, though, we made a lot of improvements.

Here are some of the highlights of the things we added and adjusted. You can read more about some of these features in our new docs section.

  • New options when searching for existing Planning Center users.
    • Default to HoH (settings) – Choose if you want multiple search results from an email or phone number to default to a the head of household or not.
    • Search by name (settings) – While we don’t recommend it, we can now search for donors by first and last name. We do warn you that this can result in donations being assigned to the wrong donor.
    • Secondary Email and Phone (templates) – Some systems export secondary phone numbers and email addresses. We now support that. We’ll check the primary emails and phone numbers first, but if we can’t find anything we’ll check the secondary.
  • Add new funds with an “admin only” designation directly in the app.
  • Add new payment source directly from the upload screen.
  • Drag and drop your CSV file into the app when uploading.
  • Upload report summary displayed directly after every import to let you know how well the import went.
  • General user interface enhancements made everywhere.
  • Click the ? button on each page to see relevant articles related to executing a task on that page.

I’ll be honest, most of these changes have come from feedback directly received from you guys. If something isn’t working properly, or you think it could be easier, let us know! Download the latest version now at

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