Settings: General Overview

Settings: General Overview


Select a default time zone only if you are importing from a timezone other than the time zone your Planning Center account is in. You can find your Planning Center localization settings at

Time zone plays a major role when importing donations that have a contribution date at the beginning of the year, or the end of year. Selecting the wrong time zone may cause donations to import in the wrong year, month, or day. The default option will use your ‘local’ time zone.


Selecting a default payment source will select your payment source on the upload screen to whatever you have this option set as.


WARNING! Enabling this option may result in donations getting attached to the wrong donor.

Search using name will search your Planning Center database using the first and last name if we couldn’t find anyone else using remote_id, email, or phone number. Currently, if we find more than one result searching by name, we will skip the donation and write it to the error file. If we find a single result, we will assign the donation to that person.


Turning this option on, will automatically create new people in your Planning Center database if we cannot find them using any of the information you provided (e.g. remote_id, email, phone number).

Check out the how we match donations to donors article for further information on this.


Enabling this option will tell the application to pick the head of household if we find multiple people using the information provided and we can’t narrow those results down using name. When the application searches for donors, some emails or phone numbers might return multiple members of a household. If that is the case, enabling this option will force the app to pick a single donor by selecting the oldest adult male and then the oldest adult female.

It’s important to mention that our application can only work with the what is in your Planning Center database. If you have every member of a single household labeled as a ‘child’, we won’t be able to select the correct donor.

Disabling this option will skip over donations with multiple results and write them to the error file.

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