Exporting from ACS

  1. Sign in to ACS.
  2. Navigate to Searches and Reports and select Reports.
  3. Select Contributions (default is people) from the drop-down list.
  4. Under Contributions in the upper sidebar, expand Lists–>.
  5. Select Gift Detail Listing.
  6. Within the Gift Detail Listing section (in the lower sidebar):
    1. Select Use Report Setting for Search Results (default is Always Use Last Search Results).
    2. Click Customize from the Gift Detail Listing section.
      1. On the General tab, select your date range.
      2. On the Report Options tab, select your chosen funds (preferably all of them) and to include deactivated people.
      3. Click Preview.
  7. Once the report is generated, there will be a icon on the top row called View Report Data. Click it.
  8. Expand the Export button and export to Comma Separated Values.

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