Donation Import Errors

Donation Import Errors

An error occurs anytime a donation is skipped for any reason even if it was intentional. At the end of the import, we’ll output all errors to a file for you to look over and in some cases, attempt to re-upload.

Possible Errors #

  1. We found multiple results with phone/email and the DefaultToHoH option has been disabled – This means you likely have multiple people in Planning Center with the same email or phone number, and their first name does not match the first name in the row. Often times, kids will have the same information as parents, and the parents first name in the file might be a nickname that doesn’t match what’s in Planning Center. To resolve this, find the profile in Planning Center and either change the information to match the row, or change the row to match Planning Center. You may also actually have a duplicate profile in Planning Center that you will need to merge.
  2. We found more than one profile with this name and are unable to narrow it down – This means there is duplicate profiles in Planning Center. You need to merge them.
  3. Couldn’t find person and ‘Create New People’ is disabled – This means we couldn’t find the person in Planning Center and you’ll need to create them manually or use the people import tool Planning Center provides if you wish to keep the ‘Create New People’ option disabled.
  4. API Rejected this record – Sometimes Planning Center is unable to handle the amount of requests they are getting. Just try this row again.
  5. No fund mapping found – This means we couldn’t find a fund for this row. Ensure you’ve mapped it on the funds page.

When the import has completed, we will write all of these errors to another CSV file in the same location as your original with the same name and “_errors” appended to it. Larger files that create new people tend to experience the most errors. 

Resolving Errors #

Often times, you might want to resolve some of these errors by possibly adding the missing fund, turning on an option, adding a phone number or email to an existing person in Planning Center, or just simply retrying the file if the error suggest trying the donation again. Don’t create a new template for the error file or rename the headers. Simply drop the error file into the drop zone and the app will recognize it immediately.

Template #

By default, there is an “Error Output File” template on the upload screen. This is so you don’t have to redefine a template after we’ve output the errors from the file processed. You also don’t have to select the template. Just selecting an appropriate error file will select the error file template automatically.

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