Adding a New Template

Adding a New Template

Adding a new template should be one of the first things you do. A template just tells us how to read your CSV file. We’ve built this tool to work with any system, so we just need to know what fields you’re going to give us to process. After you’ve exported your data from your old system, open it up to take a look at the headers. Check out this sample below.

Now, we’re just going to let the PCO Giving Import Tool know which columns are what. Some of you might be thinking, why does it need to know this? Isn’t it obvious? Unfortunately, there’s just so many systems that spit out data differently and this is the safest way to make sure we import your data correctly.

You can see, I’m just matching the header columns in the CSV file to their corresponding import column names. You’ll need to ensure you enter at least 1 identifier (e.g. remote_id, email, phone number) as well as the contribution date, type, amount, and fund or else it won’t save the mapping.


  • Naming the First Name and Last Name column names the same thing (e.g. “Full Name”), will tell the app to parse the name for you. If your CSV file contains a single column for name, don’t worry about splitting it up.
  • If you want to create new people you must use remote_id, first name, and last name.

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