Upload donations into Planning Center.

There’s no out of the box way to import donation history from other systems when migrating to Planning Center, so we built one. Our app works with literally any system that allows you to export donations – oh, use it with other on-going donation systems like PushPay too.



👋 Hi! I’m Evan. When my church decided to make the jump to Planning Center, I quickly realized there was no out-of-the-box way to maintain contribution history. So I built the PCO Giving Import Tool (further down), and put together what I’m calling the Ultimate Migration Guide (totally free btw).

Have you thought about how you’ll maintain recurring givers? What about issuing multiple contribution statements at the end of the year?

These are some of the questions I asked myself before we made the jump to PCO. I spent about 6 months getting our recurring givers out of our old system, and some additional time ensuring ALL of the current year’s contribution data got imported so we only had to worry about a SINGLE contribution statement. If you want the play-by-play guide on how to migrate from one or multiple platforms into Planning Center Giving, submit your email below and I’ll send it to you. 

Before you submit your email though….I just want to be transparent with you. I put together this guide with the PCO Giving Import tool in mind. That just means some of the tips I give, include using the import tool you can read about below. You don’t have to buy it. In fact, you can get a lot of great info out of the guide and not use/buy my product. I promise, that’s totally cool. At the end of the day, I want to help you. Sure, I put a lot of hard work into PCOMVP (product, guide, website) and it’s a great feeling to be rewarded, but no hard feelings if you skip over the part where I incorporate the PCO Giving Import Tool!

Submit your email below and I’ll send you a guide to get your organization through this migration.

Enough about the guide, tell me about this import thing…

It’s pretty basic. Our tool automates importing donations into Planning Center Giving.

Tell me more…

OK, Sure! Our tool works with over 30 donation and church management systems. Reasons for using this product can be boiled down into two pretty simple use cases;

01 First, “my organization is migrating to Planning Center Giving”. This one is pretty common. If you’re migrating you should want to accomplish a couple things. First, avoid giving out multiple contribution statements – it’s just easier for everyone. Second, you probably want to keep all of your donors contribution history for reporting purposes. If you don’t use our tool, you’ll have to type in each donation manually ONE, BY, ONE. I’ll let you tally up the hours days weeks that would take.

02 Second, “we use a different donation platform, but want everything synced in Planning Center”. The other most common use case. A lot of our customers use PushPay or Txt2give, Tith.ly (and others) as their donation platforms. Some platforms don’t sync with Planning Center Giving. So we have monthly pricing options to use our tool on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you can centralize all of your organizations giving from one or more sources into Planning Center.

Can we show you some awesome features?

I mean, we think they’re awesome, but we’re a tad biased.


All of your data stays on your machine and we send it directly to Planning Center. No middle man.

Unlimited Capacity

Import anywhere from a single donation to a million bazillion. Seriously, just click the button and sit back.​


With Planning Center's built in API rate limiter, we literally import donations at the fastest rate possible.

Donor Match

Our advanced matching algorithm uses a combination of fields to ensure the correct donor gets credited for the donation.

Fund Mapping

We make it easy for you to tell us what new funds the donation should go into based on your old funds.


Additional options to make the import even easier like creating people on the fly, and default funds in case we can't find the one specified.

CSV Templates

Our system works with over 30 systems. We've made it even easier by providing the templates for a lot of them.

Dollar Totals

Before using our built in 'commit batch' button, verify the batch totals directly in the app!


With every purchase, we provide free slack, and email support 5 days a week.

CANT MESS UP GUARANTEE Seriously. Our app allows you to stage your import into batches. If the batch doesn’t reconcile, all you need to do is delete it and start over!

Still Don’t Believe Us? Fine.

Check out what some of our happy customers have said.

Our church decided to switch from CCB to Planning Center. We do not have IT staff and wasn’t sure how to proceed with a migration on our own. We were introduced to Evan and within a few days, had all our financials moved over. He was fast, accurate and very reasonable. We are doing well with our new software thanks to Evan and would highly recommend him!
April R.
Charity Church, Indy
Evan's importer tool saved us a massive amount of time and provided exactly what we needed to import all the old giving data into PCO Giving. The support, what little was needed, was blazing fast and we completed our import feeling confident and well taken care of. This tool is the ONLY one I'll recommend for PCO Giving imports!
Andre F.
The Chapel RVA
IT WORKED GREAT! I cannot tell you how thankful I was to have your product. Everything went in great. I balanced everything out to the penny, with Funds and People! Overall, it was really nice and easy to use. Thanks again.
Mike S.
Family Broadcasting Corperation
The PCO Giving Import Tool provide the missing link we needed to make our data migration smooth. It probably saved weeks of data entry. Thanks Evan!
Katie M.
Excelsior Covenant, MN

Pricing Is Important.

We believe in our pricing model, but you feel like you can’t afford the options below, reach out to us.

One-time migrations is typically what brought you here. If you’re interested in migrating over your organizations contribution history from one of 30+ church management and donation systems, this what you want.

Ask about our PREMIUM options. If you or your organization doesn’t feel comfortable performing the import, we’ll get the exported CSV file from you and do it so you don’t have to lift a finger. Use the chat box in the bottom left to contact us.




One-time fee
30 days




One-time fee
30 days




One-time fee
30 days

30 day money back guarantee w/ all purchases

Contact us in regards to our PREMIUM option

Free email support 5 days a week

Free Slack support 5 days a week

You might be wondering…

Just a couple frequently asked questions.

We’re friendly people! Most of the time.

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